Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Primer Review

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We don’t seem to cover much primer here do we considering we are a makeup page. Let’s add to the tally.

The POREfessional Primer from Benefit Cosmetics is available from the company trang web (see here) as well as Boots (here). The primer comes in 3 different sizes-Value size (£47 for 44ml), full size (£29.50 for 22ml) and a travel mini (£12.50 for 7.5ml) You get miễn phí UK shipping on orders over £25 with both companies though Boots’ standard delivery is more expensive.

The packaging is fairly standard for a primer. The vật phẩm comes in an outer box decorated the same as the tube inside. All product information can be found on the back of the box and tube. Even the mini sample comes with a box. It’s oh so sánh đáng yêu. There’s a screw cap on the tube that’s secure enough to stop the primer leaking.

According to the trang web, this is an oil miễn phí, lightweight silky balm that is suited for oily not dry skin. Formulated for all skin tones, this smoothing primer targets pores and fine lines to leave you with a flawless, even skin tone. It contains antioxident vitamins A,C an E to protect against miễn phí radicals and creating a matte finish to the skin.

I expected the primer to be clear but it actually has a slight colour to it lượt thích a tinted moisturiser. Once applied, there’s no hint of the colour though. It’s easy to get out the tube and has a smooth, silky consistency. It does have a bit of a greasy feel to it although once absorbed into the skin there’s no greasiness left behind. It glides on but does take a few minutes to sink into the skin leaving it quite soft. It also feels light on the skin.

It definitely leaves you with a matte looking complexion-it literally took all the shine out of my face instantly. It does a good job at minimising pores to give the illusion of a smoother complexion. It holds makeup well though it’s best to wait a few minutes after priming before applying foundation. It can move and lift if the primer hasn’t fully absorbed into the skin.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the Porefessional primer from Benefit Cosmetics. I’m not to keen on the feel of it to be honest. It’s that greasiness however at least it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It is easy to get out of the tube and apply though it does take a few minutes to be absorbed. Once gone it leaves your skin feeling soft and looking matte. It gives the impression of minimising pores to leave you with a smooth base of makeup. Not bad at helping your makeup stay on either.

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