I have been recommending against physical exfoliation since years now. But gone are the days where you get only walnut shell powder as scrubs. New ingredients and techniques have made it possible for physical exfoliation to be gentle nowadays. So don’t let walnut scrubs beguile you anymore because I am sharing with you one of my favourite physical scrubs ~ Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask.

Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask

What exactly is Gommage?

Gommage is a French word which translates to exfoliate/scrub/erase in English. It is a French exfoliation technique where both physical and chemical exfoliants are used. The physical exfoliation is performed by cellulose and chemical usually contains enzymes which are much milder than chemical peels/strong acids. Hence a gommage mask will be suitable for those having sensitive skin as well.

Price: Rs.900 for 120g.



Also available on Myntra, Flipkart, Purplle, etc but is currently out of stock ATM.

Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask

How to use Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask?

Wash your face with a facewash and pat it dry. Then apply a thin layer of the peeling mask all over the face carefully avoiding areas around the eyes and lips. Keep it for 2-3 minutes so sánh that the acids/enzymes get time to work on our skin. After 2-3 minutes, start massaging and you’ll notice small balls forming (pilling). Keep buffing the skin and then wash with plain water. Don’t use a facewash again after this mask. Always use an exfoliator only during the night time. Always!


Facewash ~ Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask ~ Toner ~ Serum (optional) ~ Moisturizer

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Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask

How does Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask work?

Like I’ve sầu already mentioned, it combines the effect of both physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. The cellulose (the white pilling particles you see in the mask) help in buffing the skin, though very gently, and thus help in removal of dead skin cells. The chemical exfoliation is taken care by green barley vinegar which contains naturally occurring AHAs that help smooth and clarify the skin. Hence this technique of exfoliation gives best of both worlds without compromising the skin. What more do you need?

Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask

My verdict on Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask:

I’ve sầu been using this peeling mask for more than 6 months, once every week (sometimes once every two weeks) and still a lot of product is left. My skin feels fresh, smooth and clarified post wash. This definitely imparts glow and brightening effect. The scrubbing particles (cellulose) are so sánh fine and non-abrasive that my skin wasn’t irritated at all. This is definitely less effective than strong peels out there in the market. But because it is mild, it can be safely used by everyone, even beginners. The chances of skin irritation are pretty less when it comes to gommage masks. I’ll highly recommend this mask to one and all because it is so sánh freaking good!

One thing to keep in mind is that, physical exfoliators give temporary results because they don’t penetrate the skin. They simply remove dead skin cells from the surface. While chemical peels give results that last longer as they penetrate certain layers and work from within.

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Suitable for ~ all skin types, all seasons (unless you are sensitive to any ingredient in the list)

Disclaimer: don’t over-exfoliate your skin, be it peels, acids or gommage masks.

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