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Video innisfree my foundation 1.3 review

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Hello! This is a long overdue post. 6-7 months ago, I went for Seoul trip and this is one of the vật phẩm from my shopping haul. As, I am trying to finish my other foundations, I keep delaying the publish date of this post. Finally! I put this foundation into use. After using it for a week, I guess it is time for me to do a review.


Looking forward for innisfree MY FOUNDATION

Before my trip to Seoul, I actually did a lot of “homework” for my shopping list. I read a lot of reviews on certain skincare or cosmetics that I planned to buy during my trip. Over the years or months, innisfree released a few new product lines which is still not available in Singapore yet. I have been waiting for their arrival in Innisfree Singapore but they just not going to arrive any real soon, I guess.

So, just weeks before my trip, Innisfree released their new foundation line, MY FOUNDATION!!! To be honest, I don’t really lượt thích Korean BB cushion or foundation given the limited shades and the shades are either too fair or too dark for my skin. I was once a fan of Korean BB cushion but I never seems to get the right shade for my skin and the coverage was never good enough for my skin complexion. Yup, so sánh I decided to move on to the western foundation where I can get my ideal shade and coverage.

Upon knowing of the launch of innisfree My Foundation, I started to count down for my trip, hoping to test it out and decide if I should add it into my foundation collection. And while I was getting all ready for my trip, this particular video just keep flashing on my Facebook’s newsfeed. It is a real temptation. Just by watching the video, they already make me their potential customer.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it:

What’s so sánh great about this foundation?

If you follow through the western foundation industry, you will realise that 2016-2017, almost all the brands came up with foundation that promises to be LONG-LASTING or HIGH COVERAGE and recent trend is all about matte finish.

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Most of the brands, they normally just launch one type of finishing with just one type of coverage. You either get the super matte look with high coverage or dewy look with light-medium coverage or near to zero coverage

And for this innisfree MY FOUNDATION, their approach is slightly different from other brands. In one collection, they allow customization. Other than the colour shades, you can choose the finishing you want either to be dewy, semi-matte or matte and the coverage màn chơi.

Customizable MY FOUNDATION.



(Extracted from )

You might find it a little difficult to determine which type of MY FOUNDATION to get, no worries, you can go to innisfreeworld to “personalize” your foundation by going through 3-Step selection.

Ingredient List:

Please go to innisfreeworld for more information.

My choice of MY FOUNDATION

Colour Shade: C21 Pink Beige

Finishing: Semi-Matte – 2.

Coverage: Medium-High Coverage – .4

I bought my innisfree MY FOUNDATION at Seoul innisfree store for KRW 20,000

Remarks: We will be testing the finishing & coverage.

  1. Product Texture & Fragrance

    The product is rather thick but blend-able. Just one pump of product, it is good enough for your whole face and even enough for you to build up for more coverage.

    This foundation does have a little fragrance scent but still quite pleasant. And you won’t be able to smell it strongly on your face after application.

  2. Finishing

    As I had a lot of foundations that are on the matte finishing or dewy looking ones, hence, for this, I decided to go for the semi-matte ones. Something different in my foundation collection.It is almost matte finishing with a little dewy looking. It is rather ideal for people with normal to oily skin type. However, you will still need to proper moisture care and do apply primer if you want your makeup to have better finishing. As you can see there is some dry patches.

  3. Coverage

    I find that the I have chosen is rather medium to high coverage. Coverage is build-able and easily achieve. You do not need a lot of the product to build for coverage given it rich texture. But yet it gives you a semi-matte finishing. (I used my make-up sponge for this try-out.)If you want to attain a very good coverage, you might want to consider getting the innisfree foundation brush that gives you a coverage looking along with the foundation.

  4. Transfer-proof?

    Although, the foundation gives you a good semi-matte look and ideal coverage, it is not transfer-proof. It won’t affect much of your coverage.

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  1. Finishing
  2. Coverage

What I lượt thích about this innisfree MY FOUNDATION is that the semi-looking foundation is ideal, especially for combination skin type. A dewy looking foundation might give you an unwanted shine while a matte looking foundation give you a drying look.

And for the coverage wise, it is build-able and given that I have chosen for a no.4 coverage, just 1 layer of product, the coverage is already near medium and I can build my coverage to almost high coverage and yet feel lightweight.

However, if you want a better coverage, you might consider getting their foundation brush [cover] or try using a foundation brush to apply your foundation.

The product might be richer than other foundation, but definitely it feels lightweight on your skin.


  1. Finishing
  2. Too many options
  3. Shades
  4. Stay-on power

A semi-look finishing might sometimes exposed your flaw lượt thích your pores might be more define than usual, lượt thích many matte finishing foundation does. Therefore a good moisturizing step is needed in your skincare routine before make-up. As you can see from the photo, I have some dry patches on my finishing.

While, having too much choices, you might be spoiled of choices. Not sure which is the ideal one for your skin. Hence, you might have a difficult time in choosing your ideal foundation. But, no doubt, being able to customise your own foundation look and coverage is still an awesome giảm giá after all.

Like many other Korean foundation products, the colour shades are quite limited. Same goes for this innisfree MY FOUNDATION too, which only comes in 5 shades. For me, even though I have fair skin, I still have a hard time getting the right shade for my skin too.

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If you have a oily T-zone, you might need to put on primer or finish your make-up with loose powder to keep the foundation more lasting. As I do find my make-up melted a little on my T-zone area after going out for lunch in the nóng and humid afternoon.

Where to buy:

No worries, you do not need to fly to Seoul to get your innisfree MY FOUNDATION because it is launching in innisfree Singapore this September.

Do kiểm tra out their facebook page for more promotion.

Qoo10SG – Affiliate links

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  2. KETO88 – SGD 22.90 (Before Shipping fee)
  3. Prettyshop – SGD 21.90 (Before Shipping fee)

Till next post…

Psss… I will be doing a post to test the stay-on power. Stay tune!!

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post nor a partnership post with any parties mentioned in this post. I just share my opinion on the products I bought so sánh as to help you guys out to get your ideal product.

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