Sony will stop making PS Vita game cards

�Sony is still making Vita game cards?� you�re probably wondering if you live in North America or Europe. Well, not for long � production will stop at the end of Sony�s fiscal year, aka March 2019. Digital distribution will live on, however.

The PlayStation Vita launched in early 2012 (a bit earlier in Japan), so it�s had a long life � not a terribly successful one, but a long one. The portable console remains fairly popular in its home country of Japan, riding on the success of indie JRPGs. Other than a small, dedicated fan base, there aren�t many that will miss it in the West, however.

Sony will stop making PS Vita game cards

We know what you�re thinking � just make another Xperia Play already! If Sony was to make another portable console, it would have to go up against the immensely popular Nintendo Switch and let�s just say that the Vita-3DS battle didn�t exactly go in Sony�s favor. Plus, gaming phones are hot right now.