The Galaxy S10 will probably use Samsung"s new Infinity-O display

The Samsung Galaxy S9

After introducing the world to its original Infinity Display back in March of 2017, Samsung recently announced four new panels that will soon be implemented across its range of devices. And, according to a reliable industry source, one of these could be featured on the upcoming Galaxy S10.

A concept of what Samsung

A concept of what Samsung"s Infinity-O panel could look like

Although Samsung did unveil two notched displays the other day, it seems these will be reserved for both low-end and mid-range offerings. Instead, the brand’s upcoming flagship could use the new Infinity-O panel which adopts a small cut-out in the top-left corner that houses the front camera.

Following the revelation last month that Samsung was working on displays with cameras hidden beneath them, this news may come as a slight disappointment to many. However, the decision likely relates to the current state of the tech. After all, just as the source points out, this concept is still quite new and current implementations produce blurry images. Because of this, consumers should instead expect to see the tech in 2020, perhaps with the debut of the Galaxy S11.

Back to the Galaxy S10, the smartphone will bring quite a few other upgrades too. For one, the awkwardly-placed rear fingerprint scanner will be removed in favor of a new in-screen sensor. Furthermore, a triple-camera setup is rumored to be present on the rear of the Galaxy S10+ model, while a new processor built on the 7-nanometer process will power all models. Lastly, in the hope of capturing the attention of consumers, the smartphone line will be sold in at least six colors.